Maddy is a Red Heeler- Border Collie cross and was given to me by the SPCA. She is only 6 months old and is full of energy. The first job is to gain some control and settle her down. I put her in a pen of calves to see what her reaction would be. she is already showing signs of promise.

High on the ridge in the howling winds the Kanuka tree stands true,

It is symbolic of life, and I think- I am a Kanuka too.

From a young age the Kanuka tree grows straight, true and strong,

There’s no time to play in the breezy winds, for the quest for the sky is long.

The Kanuka knows the time will arrive even though he’s missed the fun,

He will be called upon for protection from the wind, the rain and the sun.

Now high above the canopy, he knows what he must do,

And as I look up I realise, I am a Kanuka too.

Ian Handcock

I have been looking for new challenges and have asked for advice from my peers. When I suggested some possible contracts, some of the advice was that I would not like doing that work. I thought it is not the type of work you do that matters so much, it is the people you work alongside that makes your job enjoyable.